Saturday, January 16, 2010


This time of year I always find myself a little discombobulated. There are many things I need to do but nothing I really want to do. I always try to get the “need to do things” out of the way so I can enjoy doing the “want to do things.”
It’s too bleeping cold to even go outside, it’s too early for planting seedlings inside and the garden catalogs haven’t even come yet. Not much incentive to get to the “Need to do things.”
But….just when life is at its most boring something hilarious happens.
We braved this unbelievable cold yesterday when cabin fever drove us out to go anywhere, anywhere at all, just to get out. Our Puppies are having a bit of stiffness due to age and this frigid weather, so we went to the only pet store in our small town “Paws and Claws” for some chondroitin. They have very little in this shop so I was surprised to see a cage with a live animal in it up front. As I got closer I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Is this what I think it is?” I asked the teen age clerk. “It’s a Prairie Dog” she said brightly.
“NO KIDDEN! How much do you want for him?” This one isn’t for sale, but when we get them in the spring they will be between $300 and $400.”
“NO Waaay!”
Think about it! These things are big, mean and just an ugly brown. They spend most of their time in huge holes that wreck golf courses and they have no personality whatever.
Now compare that to cute little creatures that are a beautiful tan with white stripes. Playful and chatty in nature. If you would pay that for a Prairie Dog, what would you pay for one of these precious little fellows?
Think of it as a beneficent relocation. They are out of my rock garden, have good families and I am a gazillionaire.
Sounds like a “WIN - WIN to me.
Put out the word!

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