Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pavlov Had Nothing on My Mother

Many of us remember that Pavlov was a scientist that always fed these dogs to the sound of a buzzer. Over time the sound caused the same response in the animals as the smell or sight of food.

Extreme salivation

I think it’s called conditioning.
My premise is that many parents, worldwide, unwittingly use this as a training method for their children. The most heinous use of this conditioning is in potty training. Mothers, turning on the water in the wash basin to encourage their tots to make the same sound in the potty.
Future gardeners beware.
Now, I never asked my Mother and she never said but I have empirical proof that this diabolical method was used on me. As a young person you don’t even realize this has happened. As you reach your senior years the conditioning reasserts itself with a vengeance.
An avid gardener, I love to be outside. The day slips away before you know it. At some point during the day you begin to realize that you have to go.
“In a minute,” you tell yourself. You are vaguely aware that this happens several times. You’re busy and you keep putting it off, not wanting to spend a second of this beautiful day inside.
Finally it’s almost time to start dinner. Just one more quick thing!
And you turn on the hose!
Thanks, Mom

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