Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Prairie Dog's Rebuttal

In a previous blog my blog-buddy described prairie dogs as “just big, mean, and ugly brown”. I read that blog and I was so shocked I couldn’t believe that AP hadn’t had her eyes checked in the last few years and had lost her mind when it came to describing things!
I thought of the huge village of prairie dogs that live close to Lowe’s and beside the hospital. I love the prairie dogs, love, love, love them. They are a pretty brown and so fat that when they run it’s more like a ball of fur rolling along. They have shiny hair, the cutest little button brown eyes, and need braces on their teeth so badly that they look like they are smiling all the time.
When Petco was built they had to move their entire village further to the west, and managed to do it before any of the heavy construction started. They live on 17th Street and the intersection of highway 61, and they are pretty street-smart little animals - it is rare to see one squashed on the road.
Every trip to Lowe’s requires a detour to the back of the lot where I can sit in the car and talk to them. They seem to like to visit, they stand up by their tunnel and chatter right back to me – we smile at each other, something people don’t do too much these days.
They must build the most inventive tunnels, some end right at the curb of 17th street, and they will stand there and watch the cars go by, and yes, I always slow down, roll down the window and say “hi little guys”.
Now, here is the point that AP and I would merge on thoughts, while I love watching them play and run around and I like their village of tunnels, I do not want one for a pet and I absolutely do not want one (or a colony) in my yard. I can understand why farmers and ranchers don’t want them in the pasture, but no one is ever going to farm or ranch behind Lowe’s, so it’s a good home for them.
And the moral of this blog must be –
Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder! (And I am a prairie dog beholder!!)

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