Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Seed catalogues, or catalogs, depending on where you live, start arriving at most gardeners’ homes just about three weeks before Christmas. That is plenty of time for us to get all the gardens put to bed for the winter and a good taste of the winter to come. We are already longing to be in the garden instead of in the house.
If there was a National Contest of Seed Catalogue Receivers, I would be the winner hands down, all I would have to do is wheel in with my stacks of goodies and everyone else would give up and go home.
The reason I get so many catalogues is no surprise: I order from nearly every one of them.
I am so tired of being in the house that by the time the first one arrives all I want is spring and as quickly as possible. With that in mind, as I look thru each one I find something that I have never seen before, that I have never tasted before, that might be better than what I planted last year, germinates quicker, grows bigger, tastes better, there are countless possibilities.
One year I pledged only to order from a few, postage costs were increasing and all gardeners know you can pay double or more for postage on one packet of seed than the seed alone costs. So, I made lists, I crossed off, I substituted, I added, I eliminated, and at the end had a meager few places to order from.
So, the stack just sat and percolated and I stewed, I would walk by, but I would not open even the top catalogue, the list was made and that was that. I kept busy with my planting charts and plans for which seeds would go in the ground in which place.
Then March hit and with it a snow storm to stop all thoughts of spring, couldn’t go outside, couldn’t even get outside, it snowed for 14 straight days, 7 feet on the ground, then the snow stopped, it started to warm up and the 7 foot that was on the roof fell right in front of the front door – I was stranded, totally stranded until someone could come and dig me out!!!
I paced, I fiddled with everything, I cleaned house, and on day 3 I sat down beside the stack of catalogues and started to go thru them, I was going to throw out what I wasn’t going to order from.
Then like a bolt, cabin fever hit me, and if you have never suffered from this, it isn’t a pretty sight, I started tearing thru the catalogues, making new lists, adding up orders, writing checks, getting them ready to mail. I started a new garden chart, I incorporated all the new wonderful plants that I would have if summer ever came.
Day 4, the scoopers came and dug me out and I raced to the mailbox with my hands full of seed orders.
And, peace once again reigned in my world, the seeds were ordered and I would have a new bigger, better, more fun garden the coming summer than ever before!

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